Well Played Ponderings

  • Cóatl - In-Depth Review

    The Board's Edge Guest Geek gives you her thoughts on the game Cóatl in this in-depth review. It's not a review for Quetzacoatl (long may he reign), and no, you can't sacrifice the dragons (aka Cóatl) your opponent builds to the gods either. But if you're looking for a new set collection game, give this Aztec-themed game a try!
  • Introducing: the Tile Laying Game

    It's funny how many of these game mechanics sound like all work and no play. Tile laying? Deck building? Is this game night going to involve a trip to the Home Depot? As far as gamer terms go, understanding "tile laying" is easy. You place a tile on the board! The game is in the how and the why, making this a popular and flexible game style.
  • It's a Wonderful World - In-Depth Review

    This review is for It's a Wonderful World, the board game. It's not a review for the black and white movie (oh, you mean It's a Wonderful Life?) or for that Louis Armstrong song, and if you read this review without getting that song stuck in your head, I'll be impressed!
  • Introducing: the Spiel des Jahres

    The Game of the Year. Quite a title! You might see our team at Board's Edge Games refer to this award around the site as "the Board Game Oscars." And indeed, Spiel des Jahres is German for Game of the Year, and this is the most prestigious award in the board game world, awarded each year in June and July. Why? Find out here.
  • Pandemic - In-Depth Review

    Learn more about this cooperative board game in our in-depth review. The Board's Edge Games' Guest Geek gives you a rundown of why this is one of her favorite board games, as well as tips to play this remotely over Zoom or video conference.
  • Dominion - In-Depth Review

    Dominion is an amazing card game, and we share our thoughts on why in this review. This game may be the OG that launched deck building as a game category, but it is such a great game that it still seems modern and up-to-date. It's a true classic, and it plays well at two players as it does at four.
  • Dominion Cheat Sheet: First Edition vs. Second Edition

    First edition, second edition, tomato, tomato, am I right? No, you're not. Dominion First Edition and Second Edition use the same game rules, but the new release wasn't just an art update. Many of the kingdom cards changed between editions. We put together this cheat sheet so you can track the changes between editions.
  • Quacks of Quedlinburg - In-Depth Review

    This is a review of the board game Quacks of Quedlinburg. This is not a review of ducks or that guy who sold me snake oil on eBay last week. We love Quacks and hope you will too. Read what the Board's Edge Games Guest Geek has to say about the Quacks of Quedlinburg in this in-depth review. Hey, watch the pot! Kaboom!
  • Sagrada - In-Depth Review

    The Board's Edge Games Guest Geek gives you her thoughts on the game Sagrada in this in-depth review. An aesthetically beautiful exterior disguises a Sudoku-style logical puzzle in this amazing game with a unique theme. And as an added bonus, this game works great over Zoom for socially distanced game nights!
  • Luck

    Luck is definitely A THING. Some people have more raw luck than others, and the presence or absence of luck can really affect the play of some board games and card games. We share some thoughts on luck in board games as well as tried and tested game suggestions for the lucky (and unlucky) among us.
  • Board Game Classics vs. Modern Hobby Games

    Ever heard of Monopoly? Just kidding. Monopoly is the king of board games with 250M+ games sold. If you haven't heard of some of the games we carry at Board's Edge Games, read here to learn more about hobby board game sales and how they compare to heavyweight classics like Monopoly, Candyland, and Pictionary.
  • Wingspan - In-Depth Review

    In-depth review of Wingspan by our favorite Guest Geek, specially appointed by our Board's Edge Games team to give you the inside scoop on our hottest games!