Introducing: The Legacy Game

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What we do in life echoes in eternity.

To my fellow Gladiator fans - now you know what a legacy game is. But I guess I'd better keep writing this post for the rest of you.

So you know how every time you dominate the world in Risk, no matter what, the game starts exactly the same way the next time? You have to dominate the world all over again! There's gotta be a better way, think all the aspiring dictators-for-life out there. What if, when you crush those puny opponents of yours and win the game with troops stationed all over the world, the game remembers? And next time you start the game, there all your troops are - just where you left them, awaiting your orders and building giant monuments to your greatness. Well, that sounds pretty hard for the other players, actually, so no wonder I'm a board game store owner and not a game designer. But there you have the basic principle behind a legacy game: your actions in past games affect future games. The game has memory.

Ready to try it? Here are some of our favorite legacy games (click to learn more).

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