About Us

Board's Edge Games founders

Discover, Try, Buy. That's our motto.

Meet Lisa and Annie! We are two lifelong friends who met in New York City in our early 20s. Lisa's husband introduced us to Catan, and it was love at first sheep for wood trade. We bonded over board games and (mostly) friendly competition. Now Lisa and Annie live on opposite coasts, but the internet is a crazy thing. We cooked up this idea to build Board's Edge Games together as a place to Discover, Try, and Buy a curated selection of the best board games and card games out there.

We believe that the board game community deserves a better e-commerce experience. There has never been a better time to get into board games as a hobby - the industry as a whole is cranking out an enormous amount of wonderful, approachable games that push the envelope way beyond Monopoly. But as casual gamers, Annie and Lisa found it really hard to navigate and figure out what games we wanted to play. So that's why we built Board's Edge Games with a three-pronged motto.

Discover. Take our discovery quiz to find games that match your needs, read our personalized descriptions of each game (including a "Why We Chose It"), or check out our blog for board game reviews by our Guest Geek (Annie's sister, a bona fide gamer) and other game features. We'll help find the right game for you.

Try. The best way to figure out what kind of games you like is to try a lot of different games. Check out our Game Trial experience. We'll ship you a game to try. Don't like it? Just ship it back.

Buy. We're a friendly game store, after all! We offer competitive prices and shipping on a great selection of award winning games.

We want to wow you! So one last thing, here's our commitment to you:

  • Curated selection of amazing games from around the world, including independent makers. 
  • Work with reputable distributors and manufacturers only. Never worry about getting a counterfeit game.
  • High touch. We are real humans, running a real small business. Annie and Lisa read and respond to every email, and we answer the phone ourselves. If something goes wrong, we will do our best to make it right.

Don't take it from us though, read reviews from our great customers!