Well Played Ponderings

  • Luck

    Luck is definitely A THING. Some people have more raw luck than others, and the presence or absence of luck can really affect the play of some board games and card games. We share some thoughts on luck in board games as well as tried and tested game suggestions for the lucky (and unlucky) among us.
  • KLASK: A Holiday Gift Like No Other

    Why is KLASK, our biggest hit of 2020? It turns out that this game hits all the right notes. We believe it may be the perfect holiday gift. Did you know inventor Mikkel Bertelsen is a Danish carpenter who built KLASK for his friends as a Christmas gift? Did you know there is a KLASK World Championship? Learn more about the unique story behind this unique game.
  • Games for the Holidays

    Family coming for Thanksgiving? Keep them entertained with our top 3 picks for the holidays: Werewords, Just One, and Dixit.