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Whistle Mountain

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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 2-4 players Clock icon 60-90 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 14+ 2 of hearts (slightly more complex or takes longer than the classics we all think of)

About the game:

Hey Vanderbilt, put those trains away. They're so 1888 anyways. In Whistle Mountain, you play an Elon Musk-like character who has struck it rich in fintech railroads and decides to go crazy on moonshots. Deep in the Rockies, your workers build scaffolds and machines with the help of your airship fleets. Scaffolds, you ask? That's right - you'll need them because this area is prone to massive floods that should be arriving... oh... any day now.

This game combines a couple of board game mechanics that are pretty common among hobby board games but take a bit to catch on to if you've mostly played the classics. We love Whistle Mountain because it's a great introduction to worker placement. You must move your workers around to take actions like building machines, and you have to get them out of the flood danger zone towards the end of the game or you lose points too. It also uses an engine-building mechanic (like one of our favorite games, Wingspan), and that adds a lot of variety because the types of machines you build affect how the game plays out for you and the other players too.

We think Whistle Mountain is a great entry point to a little bit heavier game play. The rules are very clear, so the game is easy to learn, and the actions are pretty straightforward each turn. Where Whistle Mountain shines is in the strategy - despite a friendly, welcoming game style, this game has a lot of depth and rewards careful thought and multiple plays.

Why We Chose this Game for Board’s Edge:
  • Cool combo of a couple types of board game mechanisms that we've gotten into lately - engine building (like Wingspan) and worker placement (like Agricola).
  • The end of the world floods are an interesting concept and raise the stakes
  • Who doesn't want to make a bazillion dollars and then head off to the Rockies to build crazy weird machines??