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Quick Takes:Crowd of people icon 1-6 players  Clock icon 45-90 minutes  Adult and child icon Ages 13+  3 of hearts Level 3 (Ready for a new challenge? Try this advanced game)

About the game:

They say to make a small fortune in the wine business, start with a large one. Since most of us don't have a large fortune, Viticulture is a fun way to learn about the wine business and excel in producing wine.

Viticulture is a worker placement game, a style of game where decisions and strategy are based on choosing from a set of actions available to all players and using workers to perform said actions. Players start with a small winery in pre-modern Tuscany along with basic tools and only three workers. Each turn, you choose to perform one of five steps of wine production - purchasing land, planting, harvesting, producing, and finally selling your wine. In a unique twist, you may also have visitors come visit your winery. These visitors may help you push forward your wine making or increase the size of your worker pool - or they may not do much at all!. Visitor cards are key to the game and can really make or break it. So ignore those tourists at your own peril.

Points are scored when you fulfill wine contracts, and the first person to 20 points triggers the end of the game. Ready to try your hand at a great Chianti or Supertuscan? Get a copy of Viticulture (and to really get in the mood, get a great bottle of wine to go with it)!

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge Games:
  • Strategy - this game gets you thinking, requires more than just a roll of the dice
  • 2-Player - works great for 2 players (not all games do!)
  • Beauty - like another Stegmaier favorite at Board's Edge Games, Tapestry, the pieces and graphic design are lovely and well thought out