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Ticket to Ride

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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 2-5 players Clock icon 30-60 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 8+ Ace of hearts playing card Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play and FUN!)

About the game:

This award winning train game starts with each player selecting their destination cards (missions). The board is a map of the United States, and your mission is to build a train from one point to another (like Atlanta to San Francisco). These missions earn players points for completion and the longer the route, the more points earned. On each turn, a player can either draw train cards, claim a route (by turning in the respective train cards and placing train markers along the route on the board), or draw additional destination cards. The game ends when the first player runs out of trains. The winner is the player who has accumulated the most points.

"The rules are simple enough to write on a train ticket" says game designer, Alan R. Moon. "The tension comes from being forced to balance greed – adding more cards to your hand, and fear – losing a critical route to a competitor."

Love Monopoly? Here's our recommendation for you: grab some Tickets to Ride! It has also been built into a whole series of successful train-themed games, like Ticket to Ride: Europe.

Want to share the fun of Ticket to Ride with your kids (ages 6-8)? Check out Ticket to Ride: First Journey.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • Simplicity - easy to learn rules, intuitive strategy, great "gateway" game
  • Family fun - this is great for family game night striking the right balance between interesting for adults and not too challenging for kids
  • Air of nostalgia - we promise you might reconsider taking that cross country trip via Amtrak after your first round of this amazing train game
Selected Awards and Honors:
  • Spiel des Jahres Winner - 2004
  • As d’or – Game of the Year - 2005
  • Meeples Choice Award - 2004

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