Spirit Island Jagged Earth board game box cover
Spirit Island: Jagged Earth
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Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

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Quick Takes:  1- 6 players    90-120 minutes  Ages 13+ 3 of hearts Level 3 (advanced, looking for a challenge)

About the game:

This is a large expansion to the very popular cooperative game Spirit Island. The expansion packs a punch with 3 new scenarios, 10 new spirits, 2 new island boards, and the list goes on!

In terms of the game itself, Peril racks Spirit Island. The invaders are more numerous and more capable than ever before. As hope begin to fade, defense of the island falls to those spirits more in tune with the danger and chaos of the natural world. Will you be able to harness their power to protect the island or will it fall to the persistence of the invaders? Whatever the outcome, Spirit Island will never be the same after the time of Jagged Earth!

Please note: this is an expansion, so you need the core Spirit Island game to play this one.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • Meets the challenge - the twists in this game make it a great new game for an advanced board gamer
  • Replay - this expansion means lots more game variations. If you love Spirit Island, this is the one for you to keep it interesting
  • Two-player. Spirit Island is one of our favorite two-player games, so this expansion and the core game see a lot of table time in our Board's Edge households!