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Quick Takes:  1-4 players    30-45 minutes   Ages 10+  Ace of hearts playing card Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play and FUN!)

About the Game:

You have entered the Sonoran Desert, a place of vast beauty. Technicolor sunsets pop out over vistas revealing deep canyons, trickling tributaries, and ancient pueblo cliff dwellings. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the desert in this delectably fun flick-and-write game in which cunning and dexterity meet.

What is a flick-and-write? In the board game Sonora, players flick wooden discs onto a game board representative of the different vibrant landscapes across the Sonoran sands. Each area encompasses a different unique game, so skillful aim is required to play in the region of a player’s choosing! But watch out for other players eager to bump discs to score points for themselves.

Flick discs into the right quadrant to score points on your dry-erase sheet. The game features stunning art and exciting player interaction and is a blast for both families and gamers.

If you like the concept, we also love Cartographers, a roll-and-write (same concept, but with rolling dice instead of flicking discs).

Why We Chose This Game for Board's Edge Games:

  • We were so intrigued by the concept of a flick-and-write game that we had to try it! (Unfortunately, our Warehouse Bear is quite dextrous and destroyed our poor little Board's Edge founder.)
  • Simplicity - easy to set up, easy to play, but still leaves room for strategy and challenge