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Sleeping Gods

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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 60+ minutes per game Adult and child icon Ages 13+ 3 of hearts Level 3 (for advanced gamers looking for a challenge)

About the Game:

Sail around the mysterious sea with your friends in order to wake the gods.

Sleeping Gods is an exploration based adventure game. It is cooperative, story based, and a campaign game. This is an immense world packed with monsters, quests, and interesting encounters.

The detailed story book reads like a choose your own adventure game, or like a static dungeon master, allowing in-depth interaction with the world and characters. This is similar to the storybook from Near and Far or Above and Below. There are an impressive number of quests; it would take ages to complete them all.

We are most excited about the atlas feature. You turn to specific pages in the atlas in order to explore those areas. This allows for an expansive, open world feel, without taking up too much table space. The map is absolutely huge. There are few video games with a map as expansive.

Solo mode allows you to continue the campaign even if you cannot get a group together. The campaign is designed for players to leave or join the campaign almost seamlessly.

Want more? Check out the two expansions: Tides of Ruin and Dungeons.

Why We Chose This Game for Board's Edge:
  • Hot title: couldn't wait to get our hands on this one!
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Pedigreed designer
  • Unique feature, a board game with an open world