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Sagrada: Life Expansion

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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 30-45 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 14+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!)

About the game:

Let's face it, you may not see the real Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona, Spain anytime soon. We've played a lot of Sagrada during lockdown, and we're excited to offer this Sagrada: Life expansion.

As a skilled artisan in Sagrada, your job is to construct a stained glass window masterpiece in the Sagrada Familia in this game of dice drafting and window crafting. Players take turns pulling "glass pieces" (colored dice) for your stained glass window out of a bag (i.e. "dice drafting"). It works a lot like Sudoku, and although the windows are pretty to look at, it's logic rather than artistic chops that earn you victory in Sagrada.

What's new in Life? This expansion adds new challenges to test your artisanal skills. There are new abilities to be gained via apprentice cards as well as special masterwork dice to solve tricky new puzzles. Life adds three new modules, each of which are interchangable and compatible with the other Sagrada expansions (find Passion here).

Sagrada: Life is the second of three Great Facades expansions. The first is Sagrada: Passion, and the third planned expansion, Sagrada: Glory, has yet to be released.

This is an expansion, not a complete game. You must have the base game Sagrada to play.

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Why we chose this for Board's Edge Games:
  • We love Sagrada and are excited for new content and challenges to add to the core game experience.
  • Beauty - a pleasure to behold. Each element is thoughtfully designed.
  • Simplicity - easy setup, quick learning curve
  • Artistic creativity - this game lets you channel your inner designer, winning style points for your creations
Selected Awards and Honors (for core Sagrada):
  • IGN Best Board Games - 2017
  • Popular Mechanics Top 50 Best New Board Games - 2017
  • Juego del Ano Finalist - 2018
  • Meeples Choice Nominee - 2017

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