Piggy Bank kids card game box
Piggy Bank card
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Piggy Bank

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Quick Takes:  2-4 players    15 minutes   Ages 4-6  Ace of hearts playing card Level 0 (a great learning game for the littlest gamer)

About the Game

Piggy Bank is a children's counting card game that makes cents!

Each game starts by drawing a Piggy Bank card that sets the limit of coins the bank will hold for that hand. After being dealt five coin cards, the players take turns adding cards to a growing Discard pile until one player is forced to go over the piggy bank’s limit. Oh no! You broke the bank!

This great kids game reinforces counting skills and builds emotional intelligence. And there are some fun surprises in store too for your littlest gamer…  just check out the Pig Out and Oink-Oink cards!

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Why We Chose This game for Board's Edge:

  • Age appropriate - a game that sets appropriate challenges for our 4-6 year old gamers
  • Builds valuable emotional intelligence and social skills
  • So cute! Look at the little piggy peeking out of the box!
Selected Awards and Honors:
  • Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award - 2017
  • Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient