Parks Memories Plains Walker game front of box
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PARKS Memories - Plains Walker Set
Parks Memories Series - each of the featured parks
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Parks Memories Plains Walker game
PARKS Memories - Plains Walker Set

PARKS Memories - Plains Walker Set

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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 2 players Clock icon 15-30 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 6+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!)

About the Game:

PARKS is a celebration of our National Parks featuring gorgeous art from the Fifty-Nine Parks series. The Memories series is a standalone matching game series of three that lets you enjoy more of our beautiful national parks in a fresh new format.

PARKS Memories reminds us of the memory games we played as kids, where cards are flipped over and matched up in sets. Memories has a twist to make this a fun game for two players, using the Hiker block. Each turn, players reveal two tiles in the hopes of matching up park types, which grant single-use abilities once matched. Then, players take one revealed tile into their collection, blocking the other one with the Hiker block. To ensure your victory, you must cleverly reveal, reorganize, block, and hide Parks. First player to collect three matching sets wins!

Plains Walker (Set 1 in the Memories series) features art from national parks in the plains region of the United States. Want to collect all three Memories games in the series, with illustrations of all 62 US national parks? Find Mountaineer here. (The third in the set, Coast to Coast, is exclusive to a big box retailer).

You might also like PARKS, the board game that started it all and kicked off this successful series. Note that the Memories series is standalone - you don't need PARKS to play.

Why We Chose This Game for Board's Edge Games:

  • Wanderlust - in a year where it was hard for many of us to explore our National Parks (or... anywhere at all), the PARKS game series is a great way to enjoy some of the amazing sites we have here at home.
  • Great for two players - not all games are!
  • Beauty - the art is simply stunning

Selected Awards and Honors (for PARKS, the board game):

  • Board Game Quest Awards Best Family Game Winner - 2019
  • Board Game Quest Awards Best Game from a Small Publisher - 2019

Features the Following National Parks:

  • Big Bend
  • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Cuyahoga Valley
  • Death Valley
  • Denali
  • Gateway Arch
  • Grand Canyon
  • Great Basin
  • Great Sand Dunes
  • Joshua Tree
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Mesa Verde
  • Petrified Forest
  • Saguaro
  • Sequoia
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • White Sands
  • Wind Cave
  • Yellowstone
  • Yosemite
  • Zion