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Oceans (Evolution)

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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 2-4 players Clock icon 60-90 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 12+ Ace of hearts Level 2 (somewhat more involved than the classics we know)

About the game:

Can you evolve the biggest, baddest fish in the sea? Your goal in Oceans is to combine traits like filter feeding, tentacles, and transparency into a sea creature capable of surviving the Cambrian explosion - and then some! Gain points as your creatures evolve and thrive through the ages in this ocean-themed engine-building game.

This game evolves as your sea creatures do. The first round is exploratory, as players combine evolutionary traits and either feed or attack other players. As each player's creatures feed, they deplete the available food resources until all the food is gone. This triggers the Cambrian explosion! Play quickens as actions happen twice as fast, speeding the game toward a resolution. The Cambrian explosion also triggers the addition the Deep cards, 80 weird and wonderful cards that add unusual traits to your sea creatures - or even turn them into mythical monsters (like the Leviathan card).

Oceans is a completely standalone game in the Evolution series. You do not need any of the other Evolution games to play.

Why we chose this for Board's Edge Games:
  • Beauty - an enormous amount of care and time went into creating the artwork for this game.
  • Kickstarter cred - this game had a fantastic Kickstarter campaign and unlocked all its stretch goals, raising nearly $1M and making this final product the best it could possibly be!
  • Science cred too - the original game Evolution was featured in the prestigious journal Nature. Those of you who love nature documentaries, or who play with older kids studying biology and evolution in school, will appreciate how seamlessly the game play is driven by scientific evolutionary concepts.