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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 20 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 8+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!)

About the game:

Imagine brightly colored Tetris-style numbers that you stack to earn points, and you've probably got a good idea of what NMBR9 is like. Players build their own displays by stacking number tiles that match cards drawn from a deck. The higher the stack, the higher your score. Sounds simple (and it is - to learn!), though game rules on stacking kick in to regulate how quickly you should build upwards.

Setup is simple - just shuffle the number cards and you're ready to play. In fact, we can't stop playing this at our house, and there's three reasons why: it's quick to set up and play, it's a fun mental challenge, and the rules are simple.

One of our favorite reviews of NMBR9 on BoardGameGeek also had this to say: "And guess who the biggest player of NMBR9 is? Mom! And you know when mom loves a game, you’ve got a hit." Indeed!

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Why we chose this for Board's Edge Games:
  • Family fun - great for family game night, striking the right balance between interesting for adults and not too challenging for kids
  • Beauty - the colored number tiles are surprisingly lovely to look at. It was one of those games Annie saw on Instagram and just had to have!
  • Puzzled? Puzzled! We love puzzle games - especially ones that work just as well for 1-2 players as for 4
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
Selected Awards and Honors:
  • Spiel der Spiele "Hit for Families" Recommended - 2017