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King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 2-6 players Clock icon 30 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 8+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!)

About the game:

Play as a giant monster battling for control of Tokyo. That's right, it's time to live everyone's childhood ream.

The core of this game is a dice roller with cards to buy (when you aren't trying to punch a giant robot rabbit in the face, that is). It's King-of-the-hill style: everyone fights you when you are in Tokyo.

This game sets up fast and even better, you can learn as you play. Just pick a monster and roll six dice. it's simple enough to teach your uncle during halftime. And even better, it plays well over Zoom. The Board's Edge Games team has incorporated this into our regular rotation of games for our weekly socially-distanced game nights.

We carry the Dark Edition of King of Tokyo at Board's Edge Games. The components and art have gotten a big facelift, and there's a new wickedness mechanic (oooooh!), but the main reason we chose to carry this one (besides that dark and brooding vibe) is because the rules for two players have been updated from the original and are a lot more fun.

Why we carry it at Board's Edge Games:

  • Simplicity - Easy setup, quick learning curve
  • 2-player - Works well for 2 players (not all games do, even the original King of Tokyo!)
  • Pedigreed - designed by Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering, Netrunner)

Selected Awards and Honors (for sister game King of Tokyo):

  • Gra Roku Game of the Year Winner - 2014
  • Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Family Game Winner - 2013
  • Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Winner - 2012