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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 45-90 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 10+ 2 of hearts Level 2 (a little more complex or little longer than the classics we all know)

About the game:

Bees are pretty amazing creatures and have been getting a lot of press recently for all the amazing food that we wouldn't have without them (hi almonds!). Bee hives are also quite advanced organizations, with every hive member given an important role. In this game, the bees have advanced even further and discovered the free market! As the CEO of your own beehive, you are in charge of building the hive, finding nectar, making honey, and selling to the highest bidder (bears, badgers, and adorable woodland creatures).

A worker bee placement game, you expand your beehive by drafting various honeycomb tiles that grant actions which are triggered throughout the game. It all depends on how you place your beeples (bee + meeple = beeple!) and build your hive. After all, in the honey business, efficiency is queen. (Editor's note: "meeple" is a gamer term for those cute little wooden tokens that represent your character. Think the car or the dog from Monopoly, but in wood.)

As you expand your hive, you'll forage for nectar and pollen, make honey, sell different varieties at the bear market, host honey tastings, and attend to the queen and her court. There's only so much nectar to go around, and finding it won't be easy, so remember to pay attention to your fellow players!

Why we chose the game for Board's Edge:
  • Beauty -- the artwork does the theme justice!
  • Strategy -- just the right level of planning and strategy involved for most gamers!
  • Use of puns -- pretty sure you will find and love them too! We suggest you make a beeline to add this to your cart!