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Exit: Theft on the Mississippi

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Quick Takes: Crowd of people icon1-4 players Clock icon 45-90 minutes Man and child icon Ages 12+ 2 of hearts Level 2 (a bit more involved or complex than other games in the Exit series)

About the game:
Here's your chance to act out your Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys fantasy. The year is 1872, and there has been a robbery on a paddle-wheel steamboat traveling along the Mississippi River. You and your fellow players act as investigators traveling on the steamboat. The captain has asked for your help to solve whodunit, but you have to find the thief before the riverboat docks in New Orleans. Work together and solve all the puzzles together as fast as you can!

This entry in the Exit series plays more like a murder mystery novel by Agatha Christie than a standard escape game. It reminds us of Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express with its rich story and experience. If you have played other games in the Exit series before, know that this one is a bit more involved. Solving the riddle isn't the end in this game, rather, everything you learn over the course of the game is used to help you catch that thief! The creators rank it 3 out of 5. If you're new to the Exit series, we suggest you start with Exit: House of Riddles or Exit: The Stormy Flight first to get a feel for game play before diving into this one.

Please note that players must write, draw on, or cut up parts of the games during the game play, making this a single play game.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:

  • A great game in the award-winning Exit series
  • Exit with a twist - the rich storyline and expanded experience make this Exit game an interesting addition to the series
  • Cooperative - play with your friends or family, not against them
Selected Awards and Honors (for the Exit series):
  • Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner - 2017
  • Toy Insider’s Spring & Summer Gift Guide - 2020