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Exit: The Stormy Flight

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Quick Takes: Crowd of people icon1-4 players Clock icon 60 - 120 minutes Man and child icon Ages 12+ Ace of hearts playing card Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play and FUN!)

About the game:
What could be more timely than a game about a passenger plane flight released in 2020? This for all of us frequent fliers who found ourselves grounded this year. And as an Atlanta-based game store, it's for our neighbors at Delta too!

In this recent addition to the popular Exit series, you and your fellow players are crew members on a passenger plane bound for Barbados. As an experienced flight crew, you've seen it all before: turbulence, crazy tour groups, equipment malfunctions... but you haven't seen anything quite like this.

The weather service already announced that things might get a “little rough,” but now you find yourself in the kind of electrical storm that can easily throw even an experienced crew like yours into a state of panic. The clouds are almost black, flashes of lightning rip through the dark sky, and rain pounds the engines. Suddenly, an alarm light comes on… and another… and you have a queasy feeling that the rest of the flight might become the greatest adventure that you have ever experienced.

Solve the riddles, repair the airplane, and try to land safely!

Please note that players must write, draw on, or cut up parts of the games during the game play, making this a single play game.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:

  • Simplicity - easy to learn rules, intuitive strategy
  • A great game in the award-winning Exit series
  • Cooperative - play with your friends or family, not against them
Selected Awards and Honors (for the Exit series):