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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 2-6 players Clock icon 60 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 12+ 2 of hearts Level 2 (great for players with some experience in modern board games)

About the game:

Evolution is the game that Darwin wishes he came up with.

In Evolution, players adapt species to try to survive and outcompete in a dynamic ecosystem. Resources like food are scarce, and there are plenty of predators. What does your species need to survive? Maybe horns like a Triceratops or a hard shell like a turtle? Maybe a long neck to reach more food like a giraffe? Or maybe you want to evolve a predator yourself? It's up to you.

One of the great things about Evolution is that there are thousands of ways to evolve your species (this isn't hyperbole either - the game itself touts 4,000 evolutionary combinations). This means every game feels a little bit different from the last. We rate this game at a Level 2 - we think that this game is moderately complex to play, but the theme ties in very nicely with gameplay and makes it that much more easy to understand.

Oceans is a completely standalone game in the Evolution series which we also carry - check it out! You might also like Wingspan, a game with a similar play style (engine-builder) and focus on nature (birds, this time).

Why We Chose this Game for Board’s Edge:
  • Science cred - featured in the prestigious journal Nature. Those of you who love nature documentaries, or who play with older kids studying biology and evolution in school, will appreciate how seamlessly the game play is driven by scientific evolutionary concepts. It has even been used in evolutionary biology classes at the University of Oxford!
  • Beauty - a great deal of care and skill went into rendering the artwork for Evolution.