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Everdell game board with the Evertree
Everdell game board
Everdell board game close up of board
Everdell board game charming post office and postal pigeon cards
Everdell board game ranger and dungeon cards


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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 40-80 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 13+ 2 of hearts Level 2 (slightly more complex than the classics, but still very accessible)

About the game:

Just wait until you see this Evertree!

Everdell is best known for its beautiful art, high quality components, and the vertical tree that graces its board. In the peaceful realm of Everdell, woodland critters work to settle new territories and build cities. The adorable critters build a world we want to live in ourselves. Behind the beauty lies a midweight game (Level 2, in our ranking system) that is surprisingly accessible.

Everdell is part tableau building, part engine building, and part worker placement (these all describe the types of actions you take as you play). Every decision matters. Your actions and the number of workers you place are limited, but you are still able to create amazing combinations in the time you have.

Each game has a clock on it. The game moves through the seasons, starting in winter and ending with fall. Time passes for each player at their own rate as they run out of actions, so someone else cannot push the seasons quickly to rush the other players. This gives you enough time to build an engine (your city), but keeps the game moving. On each turn, you can either place a worker or play a card to build your city. You'll need to do both actions strategically throughout the game to win.

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Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • Beauty - each element is thoughtfully designed. This game even features an innovative vertical board, the Evertree
  • Limited resources, but high chance for power combinations
  • Seasonal time progression is such a neat twist
  • Kickstarter cred - this game raised a huge amount of $ on Kickstarter!

Selected Awards and Honors:

  • Cardboard Republic Architect Laurel Winner - 2018
  • Gra Roku Best Artwork Winner - 2020
  • Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee - 2019