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Dominion Expansion - Prosperity

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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 2-4 players Clock icon 30 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 13+ 2 of hearts (slightly more complex or takes longer than the classics we all think of)

About the game:

We call these "New Classics." Like Catan, Dominion started a brand new genre of grown-up board games, and inspired a whole generation of game designers. Dominion is so popular that there are currently 13 expansions available. Meet Prosperity, the fourth expansion (and one of our absolute favorite expansions).

Dominion, that's what you're trying to achieve. This time with massive, massive piles of money! Why buy an estate when you can buy a Colony? Why hoard gold when you can stockpile Platinum? In some games of Dominion, it can feel like the superpowered, expensive cards are out of reach most hands (unless you're really lucky). Prosperity adds a lot of power to the deck, so each hand feels like you can do something really cool with it - including buying those expensive cards. Of course, this power doesn't give you advantage over the other players because it applies to all. But it makes it really, really satisfying to play.

What's in this box? Prosperity brings 25 new Kingdom cards to the game Dominion, along with the aforementioned Colony and Platinum basic cards. It also comes with fancy metal tokens to track your oodles of riches (well, really, the victory points you buy with those oodles of riches).

Note: You must have the core game Dominion to play. This is an expansion only and does not have all the cards needed to play a game.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • We love Dominion so much, we had to have it!
  • Gateway game - a good entry point into more complicated board games, this game features a lot of new rules/game playing styles but is still approachable for newbies
  • We had so much fun playing Prosperity that we just had to offer it through the store!