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Quick Takes:  2-4 players    30 - 60 minutes   Ages 12+ 2 of Hearts Level 2 (a little more complex or little longer than the classics we all know)

Questions about Trials? Glad you asked! Here are some key things to know before you purchase:

  • We do open box trials of games for 30 days. The 30 day trial period starts from the date you receive the game
  • At the end of the 30 day trial, you have two options: (1) if you love and want to keep your game you will be invoiced for the open box cost of $45 less the trial fee paid or (2) you can return the game using our pre-paid return label
  • You will receive an open box, excellent condition game. We thoroughly inspect and sanitize all pieces in between trials.
  • At checkout we require you to agree to our full terms and conditions you can see here
  • Any other questions? please reach out
    About the game:

    We're not saying that stealing is good. But we are saying that it's good in CLANK!, this deck-building, push-your-luck game. If you want to win this game, you better be ready to out-steal your fellow players. In Clank! A Deck Building Adventure Game, your goal is to sneak into the mountain lair of a dragon to steal treasure. The deeper you go into his lair, the better the loot gets. The goal of the game is to steal more treasure than your friends. You must be quick and be quiet. One false-step and -- CLANK! Each careless sound draws the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can only enjoy yo>If you love The Hobbit, here's your chance to outdo Bilbo Baggins. And if you love Clank!, you're in luck - this game is a big hit, and like those hit comic book movies, they just keep making more of them.

    Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
    • Strategy - this game gets you thinking. Easy to play, rewarding to play well
    • Oscar nominee - nominated for the German Board Game Oscars, Connoisseur category (Kennerspiel des Jahres)
    • Gateway game - a good entry point into more complicated board games, this game features a lot of new rules/game playing styles but is still relatively approachable for newbies

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