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Caylus 1303

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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 2-5 players Clock icon 60-90 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 10+  2 of hearts Level 2 (slightly more complex or takes longer than the classics we all think of)

About the game:

A classic game is back! As one of the first worker placement games, Caylus stands among the true board game classics of the 2000s. The original design team, together with the Space Cowboys, have now created a revamped version!

This version has been streamlined from the original version to make a great next level game for people looking for something ever so slightly more challenging than Carcassonne or Catan. Its also a great introduction to the concept of worker placement, while we still consider Caylus 1303 to fall in the gateway gaming category.

In the game, each player's goal is to earn the most points over 9 rounds by contributing to the building of the town of Caylus and the castle at the heart of the town. Caylus is a real town in France with a really nice castle to boot, by the way. But beware, the major twist in this worker placement game is the provost who is "overseeing" all the work each round and can make or break even the best laid plans.

In a round there are four phases: Planning, Activation, Delivery, and Stewardship. Planning is like it sounds where you will decide where your workers go. Activation is probably the most devious part of the game as you move the provost around the board. The provost's position determines which workers will eligible to earn points. In the delivery phase, you can choose to sacrifice resources to contribute to the castle (earning you points). Lastly is the stewardship phase where you  build and transform residences into monuments, earning points.  

The King calls you again, so it's time to go back to Caylus!

Why We Chose this Game for Board's Edge Games:

  • What's old is new again - we love a thoughtful and well-executed reboot of an award-winning classic
  • Replay - with randomized setups, each game will play slightly differently!
  • Beauty - the artwork and pieces are well constructed and make the game that much more enjoyable

Selected Awards and Honors:

  • UK Games Expo Best New Board Game Nominee  - 2020