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Carpe Diem

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Quick Takes:  2-4 players    45-75 minutes   Ages 10+ 2 of Hearts Level 2 (a little more complex or little longer than the classics we all know)

About the Game:

Seize the day! In this tile-laying game set in Ancient Rome, players are wealthy land-owners who try to accumulate the most victory points over four rounds by drafting tiles to create villas, civic buildings and farms that produce resources. But there's only so much of each resource and building type to go around, and the scoring is dependent on the other players' actions as well as your own.

If you haven't played many Euro-style games (like Catan), you may need to spend some extra time to understand the game play and scoring mechanism. (Another option is to start with a lighter-weight tile laying game like Carcassonne). There are a lot of different ways to score points in Carpe Diem, and the leading player on the track gets the first crack at scoring opportunities. So there's a lot of strategy involved in what is otherwise a relatively simple game of managing scarce resources and laying tiles. Carpe Diem is a tense, fun game that takes about an hour to play, there's enough substance here to keep you reaching for this one.

You might also like Agricola, where you play a farmer with scarce resources (how will I feed my people?).

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:

  • Strategy - this game gets you thinking; brush up on your negotiating skills
  • Oscar nominee - recognized by the jury as one of the best expert-level games of the year!
  • Designed by one of Europe's leading board game designers, Stefan Feld

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