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Quick Takes:Crowd icon 2-5 players Clock icon 30-45 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 7+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play and FUN!)

About the game:

Bienvenue à Carcassonne! Based on an actual town in France, Carcassonne is a tile-laying game in which players fill in the countryside around the fortified city. Players choose from tiles that depict cities, roads, monasteries, and fields; each new tile placed creates an ever-expanding board on which players can then add their followers. Players score points by having followers on features as they're completed. The player who makes the most strategic placements of tiles and followers scores the most points and wins the game.

Want to share the fun of Carcassonne with your kids (ages 4-6)? Check out My First Carcassonne.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • Simplicity - easy setup, quick learning curve
  • Strategy - this game gets you thinking; brush up on your negotiating skills
  • Family fun - this is great for family game night, striking the right balance between interesting for adults and not too challenging for older kids
  • Oscar winner - winner of the Board Game Oscars (Spiel des Jahres)
Selected Awards and Honors:
  • Spiel des Jahres Winner - 2001
  • Vuoden Peli Family Game of the Year Winner - 2004