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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 30-60 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 12+  2 of hearts Level 2 (slightly more complex or takes longer than the classics we all think of)

About the game:

Rule the depths! This game is not affiliated with a certain aquatic man’s deep sea kingdom, but we think it should be.

Aquatica is an accessible engine building game (you build resources over time) for 1 to 4 players. It is a good introduction to the genre if you're new to engine builders. Use the cards in your hand to buy or conquer new locations and characters or to complete goals. Locations grant powers when used and points when used enough. The premise is simple, but there is an opportunity for strategy.

As locations are used, their depth rises. Different powers are available at different depths. Refillable bonuses, or mantas, also grant modifiers. Between the powers and the mantas, a cunning player can create incredible combinations and reap insane rewards. The theme is fun, and the art is beautiful. The manta figures are a nice touch. If you like engine-building games like Wingspan or Oceans, we suggest you give this one a try!

Why We Chose this Game for Board's Edge Games:

  • Hot title - this game has a lot of buzz
  • Here fishy fishy - love the ocean theme! Lovely art
  • Simplicity - easy to teach and accessible for casual gamers, but with hidden depths (we couldn't resist)