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MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House

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Quick Takes: Crowd icon 1-4 players Clock icon 15-45 minutes Adult and child icon Ages 10+ Ace of hearts Level 1 (easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!)

About the game:

Full House is the newest game in the MicroMacro family. It has a lot in common with MicroMacro: Crime City (which won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres in 2021), and so will our description! This cooperative detective game is set in a whimsical city riddled with crime. The map is chock full of tiny details and awesome things to explore. Most cases start with a dead body and questions you need to answer in order to find the killer.

Players work together to solve crimes on a massive map. The map is about 2.5' x 3.6'. The map displays a town in both space and multiple points in time. (Einstein would be proud! Finally a decent map of spacetime!). The victim appears in multiple spots on the map. The case cards and the route of the victim are key to determining what happened and solving the crime.

Just like the first MicroMacro, Full House is extremely accessible to all players. Actually, Full House is even more so due to one simple tweak. In MicroMacro, we noted that many of the crimes to solve had mature motivations. This time, the game designers added a small icon to each crime card so that parents can decide whether the crime is appropriate for kids. If not, skip it! You don't need to solve all 16 cases in order.

This is a standalone game. You don't need the original MicroMacro: Crime City to play (though you'll probably want both, because they are awesome). The game designers plan to release two more games in this series, so stay tuned!

Why we chose this for Board’s Edge:
  • We already solved all the cases in the original game and need more!
  • Incredibly vibrant world
  • Accessible - it took us longer to unfold the map than to figure out how to play
  • Shines at two players
  • Art brings back fond childhood memories of Where's Waldo
Selected Awards and Honors (for first game in series, MicroMacro):
  • Spiel des Jahres Winner - 2021
  • As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année Winner - 2021
  • Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Winner - 2020
  • Golden Geek Light Game of the Year Winner - 2020