Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The Experts at Board's Edge Games bring you our 2020 board game gift guide. See our picks for everyone on your list, from the novice tabletop gamer to the perfect game night host to the preschooler you've played one too many rounds of Candyland with. We've got you covered.

For the ready to move beyond Monopoly

Catan board game box cover


An enduring classic, Catan (the artist formerly   known as "Settlers of Catan") is approachable for new players as it strikes the right balance between quick setup, a steep learning curve (even newbies have a shot at winning!), and just the right amount of competition for economic dominance.

At Board's Edge Games we consider this a "New Classic" as it started a brand new genre of grown-up board games, and inspired a whole generation of game designers. 

For kids, kids at heart, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who loves FUN!

Klask board game box


This is our best-selling game this holiday season at Board's Edge Games, and it's easy to see why. As our Guest Geek writes, "It is scientifically impossible to play Klask without having fun." This game comes in a big, impressive box and houses a clever magnetic air-hockey-esque table that goes neatly back into the closet after the game is done. It's sheer joy built for two players! Don't wait on this one though, because we're selling out fast!

For the crime show / whodunit lover

Detective Season One Board Game box cover

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One

We tested a number of whodunit games and unanimously decided this is the one we need to carry. Why this one? It comes down to the multi-media approach where players get to watch surveillance footage and interact in many different ways, a stand-out from others we tested that boiled down to reading a massive amount of text to solve the mystery (why not just read some Agatha Christie?).


For the world traveler suffering the 2020 blues

Sagrada board game box cover


We can't guarantee that you will have the same awe inspiring feeling as walking into the real Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona, Spain, but this lovely stain-glass tile themed board game is a delight for those wanting to express their artistic side during game night as well for those travel junkies who need a taste of somewhere far from home.

For the nature lover or gardener

Ohanami card game box cover


Holiday season generally means the end of gardening and spending time outdoors (#winteriscoming), but these are two things that our team at Board's Edge Games loves! Solution: Ohanami. Yes, its a card game, but like other themed games (read our solution to traveling woes), it really can remind you of that zen feeling you get after spending a day planting, de-weeding, and breathing in the fresh air. It's also brand-new (released in October 2020) and may just be the cure for that Groundhog's Day feeling as well.

For Family Game Nights

Dixit board game box cover


This is our go-to at Board's Edge for family game night because its truly fun for both parents and kids. The rules are simple and boil down to one person each round making up a story based on a chosen card and then everyone else contributing their own cards that best fit the story line. Points are scored based on which card gets picked as the story teller's card. This one is fun because children can beat the parents with their incredible imaginations. This is a great game for finding that inner child story telling skill and has beautiful artwork on top of it all.

For the Modern Parent, Beyond Candyland

My Very First Games First Orchard kids game box

My Very First Games - First Orchard

Who reading/writing this guide didn't play Candyland a zillion times as a kid? There is clearly nothing defective about it, but being a parent means giving your children the things you didn't have. Like board games from Germany that teach cooperation and do not remind your toddler that candy is a far better snack than that gluten-free, soy- free oat bar you bought from Whole Foods. The hidden gem - all the high quality wooden pieces can also be used in toy kitchens/tea parties etc. Two toys in one; we have a winner!

For the gamer who has them all

Scythe board game box cover


This game is perfect for an experienced player. The rules are complex and there are a lot of them, but for a patient gamer, the reward at the end of the rulebook is a fantastic, complex gaming experience where each of the many mechanics make a meaningful difference to game play. Unpacking this fully-loaded 7+ pound box and setting this game up is going to be a feat in itself - a perfect way to spend that time extended time off between Christmas and New Years... since we all know there's nothing new to binge on Netflix #2020problems.

For all the card game [Uno, Go Fish] lovers

Sushi Go card game box cover

Sushi Go!

It was hard to choose just one card game for our list... but not that hard. Why? Because Sushi Go! is that much fun to play (and we cheated by creating a stocking stuffer category to sneak in another card game). Sushi Go! is a fun take on the experience of dining at a conveyor belt Japanese restaurant where you get to grab anything you want to eat. In the game your goal is to grab cards that make delicious sushi combos. The game comes in a collectible tin, making it a great gift for kids, families, foodies, snooty sushi connoisseurs, and anyone who's sad that they haven't been to a real sushi restaurant in months (#2020).

Our favorite stocking stuffer

The Fox in the Forest Duet box cover

The Fox in the Forest Duet

We love this one as a stocking stuffer or add-on on to a larger gift for the following reasons: 1. Cooperative game - no one leaves with sore feelings (who wants that around the holidays?) 2. Can be played with just two players 3. Quick play - at only 30 minutes of game time and a quick learning curve, you can have a quick round between dinner and dessert at any holiday celebration! 4. Won't break the bank for such a fun game!

For the board-game host/hostess

Board's Edge Games game night party pack image

The Game Night Party Pack

We created this party pack as an add-on to any game night, making planning for the game night host/hostess a breeze. Tired of having to pass dice? We've got you covered with some multi-colored dice - everyone gets their own color. What about those annoying water rings on your table? Yep, we've got you covered with a set of coasters. Need a warm up round of hearts or gin rummy? Yep you guessed it, we got you covered. It even comes with a retro snack and a face mask!

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