KLASK: A Holiday Gift Like No Other

As a new store, co-founders Annie and Lisa picked our initial inventory based on a very scientific system of "ooh I want to play this!" and "oooh I love that!" and "oh, I couldn't find a small business to support that carried it when I wanted to buy it." One of the games in that first category of "ooh I want to play this" was KLASK. So we ordered three, gave it it a try and quickly understood what the excitement was about. We had a ton of fun, trying to figure out how to move the magnets just right. It turns out we aren't the only ones that know about this fun, we sold out of those first three so quickly, our suppliers at Asmodee got new orders from us every day leading up to Christmas. Thanks Lori! So it's clear that KLASK is big. Here's why we think it is the perfect gift:

1) Amazing origin story

KLASK was created by Mikkel Bertelsen, a Danish carpenter, to give to his friends as Christmas gifts. The KLASK website (which is not live anymore), said: “Mikkel has always had plenty of ideas for innovations of all sorts... Just in time for the holidays, he made a few copies of the game for Christmas presents to some of his friends."

2) Small business success story

Mikkel's friends loved their Christmas gifts. Word of KLASK spread throughout Denmark. "Orders from individuals, as well as cafés, bars, and even work offices started to pour in. The following year, Mikkel built more than 3000 copies of the game in his garage."

3) The coolest game you've never heard of

If you watch national TV in Denmark, to be fair, you have probably heard of KLASK since they featured it as the winner of the Danish Game of the Year. But for those of us who don't live in Denmark, I think it's fair to say that KLASK's notoriety does not extend past circles like Denmark or those who follow the KLASK World Championship. KLASK did get a nod from the Spiel des Jahres judges in 2017.

4) Style points

KLASK is undeniably a cool game. It retains its homemade carpenter Christmas gift vibe with a KLASK board made of wood in the shape of a miniature hockey rink with an icy blue playing surface. Players use magnetic handles under the board to control their playing pieces. And, as our Guest Geek writes in our KLASK product description, " Its like a better, tiny air hockey. Except this air hockey table packs away when you are done with it. No longer are you forced to put a sheet over your air hockey table and pretend you own real furniture! (Or, no longer are you forced to sell your air hockey table on Craigslist when your kid gets tired of it.)

And, for style points, a wrapped KLASK is a sight to behold. While the KLASK game table itself is nicely sized, it comes in a big box with a carrying handle. It's hard for kids to guess what's inside when you shake it.

5) Guaranteed FUN

Our team at Board's Edge Games loves fun.  It is scientifically impossible to play KLASK without having fun. KLASK is sheer joy built for two players.

Gotta have it?

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