Introducing: the Deck-Building Game

Introducing the deck building game text overlayed on resort pool deck

Pop Quiz! If I invite you over for a deck-building party, what are we doing?
Option 1: Building a backyard deck!
Option 2: Magic, the Gathering!
Option 3: Game night! I hope it's Dominion!

If you picked Option 1, you're an awesome person, and you can definitely come help us with household projects. Leave your name and number in the comments!

If you picked Option 3, you can skip this blog since you already seem to know what a deck builder is.

If you picked Option 2, or if you're completely lost at this point, read on dear friend! While Magic the Gathering does involve building a deck, it's not a deck-building game. Magic is known in the biz as a "collectible card game," where players collect and buy individual cards to build a unique deck over time. This deck is used by the player in each game, and the composition of each player's deck can vary widely. Players build their decks before the game even starts. We don't carry collectible card games at Board's Edge Games.

In a deck-building game, as opposed to a collectible card game, all the cards you need are in the game box. The "deck-building" in the title refers to how you play the game. The granddaddy of deck-building games is Dominion. Each player starts with a small number of cards in the player's personal "deck" (10, in Dominion) and gathers additional cards to build a better and better deck as the game progresses. Each turn, you draw a hand of cards (5, in Dominion) and hope that you draw a powerful combo. When the game ends, the deck resets. Every time you play, you start back over with the same starting cards.

Deck-building is different than classic drafting games like Go Fish! because the deck is personal in a deck-builder. In Go Fish! or other drafting games, players all draw their hands from the same central pile.

That's it!

Ready to try it? Here are two great deck-builders to get you started:

Dominion card game box cover    Clank board game box cover

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