Introducing: the Cooperative Game

Introducing the cooperative game

Who’s Playing Whom?

As a rather competitive person, I looked with suspicion with the game Pandemic. More specifically, I looked with suspicion at the word “cooperative” in the game Pandemic.

What do you mean we play... together?

If you haven’t played board games in a while, this might be new to you too. A number of “cooperative” style board games, like Pandemic, are available today. You play on a team with your fellow players, striving to achieve a shared objective. These games often introduce some sort of “limiter” (like a given number of turns) to manage game play time, since you remove the “first one to 20 points wins!” type of game ender. (Monopoly could really benefit from this, come to think of it.)

I love a good competitive game. But it turns out that cooperative board games are a good match for our family as well. Instead of directing my formidable mental powers towards destroying my opponent (also known as my husband), it can be nice to work strategically with him to win the game.

And as a bonus, cooperative games tend to adapt very easily to Zoom and other remote video systems, which is great for socially distanced game nights.

Cooperative games are easy to find today (and we note them on our site in the game description), so try one out. If you like it, then there’s a whole new game category with great titles waiting for you.

Check out all of the cooperative games we carry.

Here are a few of our favorites. Click on each game to learn more.

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  • My wife, who is my main gaming partner, will only play cooperative games! So I have learned a lot about them. Pandemic is her absolute favorite; she never tires of playing it. We played through all of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and it was also a big hit.

    Mark Morrise

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