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This review is for The Fox in the Forest DuetThe Fox in the Forest is a different game. This is not a review for the foxes in our forest, as we couldn't find any.

5-Second Summary


  • Lots of high tension moments
  • Odd value cards have specific functions and high strategic value
  • Few rules with rich game play
  • Artwork


  • Two players only
  • Mathematically impossible to clear in one round
  • Frustrating if you can't land on the right spots

Full Review

I LOVE this game.

Our household loves rummy but sometimes gets too competitive. A co-op version with a few twists fits us well.

The Fox in the Forest Duet is a cooperative trick-taking game for two players. Communication is extremely limited. The goal of the game is to navigate the piece around the board and collect all the diamonds. There are three rounds, each with 11 cards per player. Between rounds the board shrinks and more diamonds are added. The game piece starts in the center and moves towards the winner of each trick. Number of spaces moved is based on the combination of cards played. If the piece moves off the side of the edge, the board gets slightly smaller for the rest of the game.

There are a lot of high tension moments. Each turn, you will hope that the other player has exactly the right card to hit the remaining diamonds on the board. More often than not, the other player does not have the card needed. You will instead bolt for the board's edge or circle the few remaining diamonds on the board until the round resets.

The odd numbered cards have special functions like: trade a card with other player, the other player does not have to follow suit, or the player who wins the trick can choose what direction to move the piece in.

This game is adorable. It has a fairy tale theme with a story written in the rule book (which you can read or skip - makes no difference to the game play). The artwork on the cards is beautiful.

What About Remote Play?

Not recommended for play over Zoom.

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