Dominion Cheat Sheet: First Edition vs. Second Edition

Board's Edge Games Cheat Sheet to Dominion Second Edition vs. First Edition

First edition, second edition, tomato, tomato, am I right?

No, you're not. Our Board's Edge Games founders live on opposite coasts, and our Guest Geek lives way up north, putting us in a giant triangle shape on the map. We have a standing weekly Zoom game night where we play board games over everyone's favorite video conferencing software. Last week, we picked one of our favorite deck-building games, Dominion. The Guest Geek and I bought our Dominion games from Board's Edge Games (an excellent idea, if we may say so!), but Lisa has owned this game for a loooooong time. So long that she owns the First Edition.

The First Edition and the Second Edition have a lot of similarities and use the same game rules, but the new release wasn't just a facelift with some new artwork. Many of the kingdom cards changed between editions. Of course, we picked a kingdom card combination from the Second Edition rulebook that Lisa couldn't put together as some of those cards didn't exist in the First Edition.

We think Zoom game nights are amazing, and we highly encourage you to try one if your friends and family are far away (or just in a different social bubble). So with that in mind, we put together this cheat sheet so you can track the changes from Dominion First Edition to Second Edition.

Cards Exclusive to Dominion First Edition:

There are six cards that were "retired" from Dominion after the first edition.

  1. Adventurer
  2. Chancellor
  3. Feast
  4. Spy
  5. Thief
  6. Woodcutter

Cards Exclusive to Dominion Second Edition:

To make up for the six cards that were removed, there are seven new cards in the second edition:

  1. Artisan
  2. Bandit
  3. Harbinger
  4. Merchant
  5. Poacher
  6. Sentry
  7. Vassal

Cards In Both Editions:

Everything else! Here's a complete list. If you're trying to set up a virtual Dominion game night with households that own different editions, use the list below to pick Kingdom card combinations that everyone can use to form buy piles.

Basic Supply Cards:

  1. Copper
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Curse
  5. Estate
  6. Duchy
  7. Province

Kingdom Cards:

  1. Cellar
  2. Chapel
  3. Moat
  4. Village
  5. Workshop
  6. Bureaucrat
  7. Gardens
  8. Militia
  9. Moneylender
  10. Remodel
  11. Smithy
  12. Throne Room
  13. Council Room
  14. Festival
  15. Laboratory
  16. Library
  17. Market
  18. Mine
  19. Witch

Any Other Changes?

There are some other small changes (the Trash card of the First Edition has been expanded to a larger-sized trash mat, and the art has been tweaked) but nothing else that changes game play. Happy gaming!

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